30 Days to Stop Fighting

Strategies to Elminate Marital Conflict

Strategies and techniques, along with daily challenges for wives to learn how to eliminate conflict in their marriage.

30 Days to Stop Fighting contains thirty daily readings with challenges and strategies to eliminate conflict in marriage. This book explores the principles of I Peter 2 and 3.

It is impossible for one person to fight alone. If the other refuses to engage, there is no argument. The author explains how she learned to eliminate conflict and arguments. This book contains thirty days of devotional readings that outline what she learned, how her thought processes changed, and how changing her perspective changed her marriage.

The reader is encouraged to get a journal and document her journey, use some of the journal promptes to reflect and write her thoughts and feelings, and to chart her growth.

This book joins 30 Days to Intimacy and 30 Days to My Anniversary (an interactive anniversary card), which are also available online. You can connect with the author at www.sharipopejoy.com and her blog at www.blog.wonwithoutwords.com

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